I went to LA Sweets for the first time the other day at their Brickell location. I did not realize the burgeoning cupcake shops happening in Miami till I ran into this shop. The shop itself was small, but cute, with bright magenta-colored walls. But the varieties of cupcake flavors were definitely not slight; I wish I could remember the different choices but there were over 15 readily available. I was in cupcake heaven! I really wanted to get all 15 flavors, but alas, I just had lunch right before. So I sampled four of their cupcakes. These cupcakes are mini, so four isn’t an overwhelming amount.

I had vanilla cupcake with oreo butter-cream frosting, chocolate cupcake with peanut butter butter-cream, vanilla cupcake with white rocky road butter-cream icing, and a vanilla cupcake with nutella butter-cream,. I’m crying a little now because I want some more.

All of these were so moist! Usually, the frosting has to compensate for the dryness of the muffin, but in this case the cupcakes were moist on their own.

I particularly liked the vanilla rocky road, but because it had bits of chopped pecan in the muffin and icing was really light and fluffy.

LA Sweets will give you a cavity, but it’s worth it!

LA Sweets – Brickell

900 South Miami Avenue, #123

Miami, Florida 33130

Phone: 305-377-0044