You know, some of the food at La Estancia Argentina reminds me of the Bon Jovi song that goes “you give love a bad name” (I hope you get the picture). Aren’t Argentineans supposed to have great food? At least that is what we all brag about it around this town, but this place is tricky, actually, very tricky.

If you go and get an empanada, the one called “cortada a cuchillo” is excellent but oh boy the price tag… you would think they are made with refined truffle oil which is not the case. The times I have stopped here for a quick bite I ended up leaving with $40 less but not much in return. Even the Argentine candy is way overpriced. I think once I got the dulce de leche candy called “baquita de dulce de leche” and thought for a second I was getting robbed.

Oh and the milanese? what can I say, it tasted just like it looks.

La Estancia Argentina

17870 Biscayne Blvd

Aventura, FL 33160


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