best empanadas Argentinas in Miami

I drive to La Estancia Argentina in Aventura whenever I have a craving for that perfect empanada, and La Estancia Argentina delivers some of the best empanadas in Miami. If you get there right when they are taking them out of the oven, oh gosh, is truly your lucky day.

My favorites are the “carne cortada a cuchillo” which translate to “knife chopped beef empanadas.”

They are truly the best empanadas you can get at La Estancia Argentina (in my humble opinion). Second choice for me are the regular beef empanadas. These type are so juicy that when you bite into one, you have to have a bid or make sure you have enough napkins on hand or it can get really messy.

There are about 5 or 6 other options but I do not think they are worth the $1.50 apiece besides the beef ones. I tried the ham and cheese and they did not taste good (sorry I know my empanadas), and the spinach and salsa blanca (white sauce) are also not a choice I recommend at La Estancia Argentina.

I like stopping bye this little mercadito because they have very interesting foods, wines and different meat cuts – although I do not shop often there, I get the craving for the juice beed empanadas once in a while.

La Estancia Argentina

17870 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura

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