Chef Michael Lewis and general manager Steven Haigh, who recently opened KYU in Wynwood, are committed to environmentally sound practices. Just in time for Earth Day, we’ve rounded up a few of KYU’s most significant contributions:

In an effort to make up for the wood used for grilling and in partnership with “Trees for the Future,” KYU recently donated 10,000 trees that were planted in Senegal. The foundation is on the forefront of tree-planting efforts in sub-Saharan Africa in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda and Tanzania. This partnership fulfills KYU’s desire to make a positive local and global impact.

Scattered throughout the restaurant are homegrown micro herbs and greens such as cilantro, celery and red amaranth. The mini herb garden is just the start as the restaurant plans to expand into a full-sized garden.
Whenever possible the restaurant sources local ingredients and patronizes local businesses and purveyors in order to cut down on transportation waste and provide the freshest ingredients.

The Orca composter at KYU is used to turn food waste into water, and provides added value to KYU’s sustainability efforts.
KYU aims to be a good neighbor – both globally and locally — by committing to sustainable practices every day.