Jimmyz Kitchen restaurant is the Puerto Rican stop on the Wynwood Food Tour. This fast-casual establishment is furnished with lime green chairs, bright orange walls, and chalkboard specials. The wine display and array of local art adds to the colorful interior.

Jimmy’z is a favorite among the locals. The menu is diverse and modern, but the authentic Puerto Rican dishes are their specialty. The tour sits at a long table and steaming hot chicken mofongo is served. Mofongo is unique to Puerto Rican cuisine, but the fried plantain from which it is made is typical of all Caribbean and Hispanic food. The plantains used to create the mushed mound that is mofongo are green plantains that are twice fried into flat medallion shaped tostones and then crumbled and pressed to create a centerpiece in the thick tomato-based sofrito. This sautéed mixture of tomato sauce, onion, garlic, bell pepper, and spices drowns the tender chicken breast. The plantains sponge this soupy texture, and the sweetness from the tomato balances the saltiness of the plantains.

When enjoying mofongo, it is customary to combine all components of the dish into every bite. Deconstructing the plantain spreads its crunchy goodness among the entire plate. This chicken mofongo is perfectly balanced and delicious.