Sushi may be the most popular dish coming from the Japanese repertoire, but you should try donburi if given the chance. This dish consists of a combination of fish, meat, or vegetables simmered together and served on a bed of rice. Although this may sound unexciting, think of it as a Japanese version of savory stews on rice. Our favorite is Unadon, or grilled eel on rice. Based around fresh ingredients and harmony throughout the meal, Japanese cuisine relies heavily on proper execution and the quality of items used. The food and ingredients may be simple, but when made correctly, it can lead to some of the best food around. White rice and seafood are abundant in this cuisine, and perfecting how to utilize the two correctly can take years of learning.

Where to try it: Matsuri. 5759 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155. (305) 663-1615