As in the rest of Latin America, the arrival of the colonizers, the Portuguese particularly, caused the fusion of cultures, and as a result, the Brazilian cuisine was born. The African slaves contributed with their culture and culinary customs, turning feijoada into the national dish of Brazil.

Some common dishes are: Arroz con feijao (White rice with black beans); farofa (cassava flour dry-fried and mixed with other ingredients); meat (usually fried or roasted); chicken and fried fish.

Juices: Due to the wide variety of tropical fruits, natural juices are preferred by kids and adults. It is possible to find different juices as mango, pineapple, strawberry, guaraná, or maracuyá, among others. They are called vitamina sabrosa (Tasty Vitamin)

The national beverage is caipirinha (cachaça, green lime sucre and crushed ice)

And the national dish: Feijoada with black beans, salty and smoked pork, some vegetables and a thick soup.