Continuing my quest for the tastiest bites at this past United Way Miami Wine & Food Festival, I came across Gibraltar Restaurant which is located at the Grove Isle Hotel. If you have never visited the Grove Isle Hotel property, then you must. This place is a beautiful enclave overlooking the water, I think there are only a few restaurants in Miami that has such an inspiring setting. This is a place where I could spend a week just lying around from the restaurant to the beach and to my room. I absolutely think this hotel is one of the best properties in the city.

The salmon served was shockingly fresh. I am not a salmon person at all but I knew this restaurant would offer an extraordinary bite and they delivered. The fish had no fishy smell which is one of the things I hate about salmon, this one was fresh and odorless but full of flavor. The greens completed the bite and the caviar on top was just added a final tasty bite that convinced me to make a note of this restaurant for a later visit.


4 Grove Isle Dr

Coconut Grove, FL 33133


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