Gianni’s at The Villa, Casa Casuarina has expanded its signature cocktail collection with new, extravagant options for guests to enjoy. The cocktails join Gianni’s stellar repertoire of food and wine options.

A cocktail at Gianni’s is more than just a savory libation – it’s a taste of extravagance and a contribution to a timeless experience at Gianni’s. Each signature cocktail is handcrafted and unique to the restaurant’s history and traditional Italian/Mediterranean fare. With options such as a 24-karat Golden Margarita ($24), which is made with gold-infused tequila, patrons can get a taste of indulgence with every sip. Other delicious additions to the menu include the refreshing coconut milk Coco Casuarina ($20), the fruit-fused Berrisace Collins ($24), the classic mojito dubbed Mojito de Alcazar ($24) and more. Gianni’s new cocktails are the ultimate treat for an unforgettable dinner experience.