Food Dude food truck brings some Caribbean fun to Wynwood Art Walk. Their concept is a fusion of Jamaican and Puerto Rican cuisine. Many of their dishes contain the Jamaican signature blend of spices called jerk that compliments traditional Puerto Rican style dishes. Other menu items are reinventions of traditional comfort foods. In this video, we try the Food Dude Jerk Burger, and the Sweet Potato Jerk Cheese Fries.

The giant burger is cooked well-done and served steaming hot on a soft bun. It is topped with swiss, caramelized onions, roasted green bell pepper, and a sweet jerk sauce. The onion and green bell pepper combination is traditional of Puerto Rican cuisine. These veggies and sauce are all sweet and contrasting with the salty and spicy beef patty. This is a savory and delicious burger perfect for late night cravings.

Next, we are trying the jerk chicken and cheese fries, which we order with sweet potato fries. These are tossed with sautéed onion and green bell pepper, slathered in a sweet jerk sauce, and topped with a thin layer of melted cheese. The jerk seasoning is spicy, but the cheese and sweeter flavors make this a great alternative to the traditional chili cheese fries.