Florida Cookery

WHY: Kris Wessel delivers the goods with a side of passion

The Skinny: Florida comes back to South Beach; Alligator empanadas, veal vacca fritta & Lyvchee Roasted Quail ensues

Florida Cookery, the highly anticipated restaurant at the James Royal Palm hotel provides an artistically-inspired environment with a menu that reflects the authenticity of Florida-style cooking – local, fresh, and unpretentious. Kris Wessel has infused his heritage and culinary traditions as Chef and Partner, serving a variety of fresh, seasonal food that reflects both South Florida and his own family ties to the area, including Frog Legs Bathed in Lime Leaves, Lychee Roasted Quail and Mango Pie.

Florida Cookery is located at The James Royal Palm, 1545 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139