We are a family owned winery based on the integrated management of the vineyard and the winery. Finca El Refugio currently owns fifty hectares of organic vineyards with limited production of high Quality organic wines. Our winery is entitled to appellations of La Mancha and Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla.

Our work philosophy is based on the satisfaction of a job well done, and we combine Spanish and European traditional ways to make wine with the most modern technologies for wines elaboration and the introduction c new varieties with the firm intention of generating modern wines preserving all its essence. The ideal climatic conditions, with long harsh winters and warm summers, combined with shallow day-calcareous soils yield grapes and produce wines which are incredibly concentrated and aromatic.

Appellations of Origin:

D O. La Mamha,

Vinos de la Tierra de Cast ilia

Grapes varieties:

Tempranilio, Uerlot, Syran,

Cabernet Saavignon, Petit Verdot,


Organic wines: In conversion

Kosher wines: No