I am always looking for that perfect bottle of Olive Oil. Having good olive oil is something I inherit from my mother Teresita. My mom is a great cook (I don’t cook but leave the cooking to the experts) – and while she tried for me to have her passion for cooking, I can only make salads (I am in Florida so salads become very handy). But I am always looking for great olive oil, it is such an important component for a fresh salad. About a month ago I was told about Three Olives Olive Oil. Got it and I have to say, it is hard to get me when it comes to olive oil but this one is one to remember and recommend! The texture is perfect, not too heavy, not too light, just perfect for that summer salad (is always summer in Florida) which means I will be using Three Olives Olive Oil quite often (less than SPF lotion I can assure you).

I recommend that if you are an olive oil aficionado or just a great cook like my mom (which by the way she is traveling and eating her way through Italy at the moment) visit:  www.TheArtisanalKitchen.com