One of my favorite pass times is to grab my camera and hit the road in the quest of hole in the wall type of eateries. When I find a place in which the owner/s are doing the cooking and serving the food, to me, that has so much value, not sure why, perhaps because I want a world not invaded by big food corporations, as this leads to everyone eating the same food and the loss of traditional dishes.

This was a good find for me because I am not familiar with Borek (the dish he points out on the video where he says is “Yugoslavian style). The owner came from Serbia and prepares the dishes from his homeland. When I ask who his most frequent clients are he responded Eastern European as they are familiar with the food.

He was lively, friendly and eager to show me all of this specialties. I tried a yogurt that is a lot less condensed, I would say a mixture of milk and what we know here in the US as yogurt, it was delicious! It reminded me of the yogurt my grandma used to do at the farm with fresh milk.

So if you are looking for authentic borek, I recommend you give Euro Grill a try

Euro Grill

1533 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 763-8264