With gorgeous pool views and an indoor/outdoor setting, Terrazza at Shore Club is the perfect intimate setting this Easter Sunday. Terrazza is offering a variety of classic Easter Italian dishes as a la carte menu items. Available for both lunch and dinner, these additions include:

Casatiello, soppressata and pecorino bread served with hard boiled eggs and salami ($14); Torta Pasqualina, swiss chard, spinach and ricotta pie ($15); Vignarola, baby artichokes, peas, fava beans, asparagus and zucchini soup ($16); Fettuccini Primavera, homemade noodles with spring vegetables and pesto ($24); Agnello al Forno, roasted spring lamb, peas and pancetta ($38); and Capretto alla Cacciatora, baby goat in roasted garlic, mushrooms and rosemary sauce, roasted potatoes ($36). For dessert, Pastiera di Grano, spelt, ricotta and orange blossom water pie ($8); and Colomba ,almond and orange leavened bread with chocolate sauce and chocolate eggs ($8).

Terrazza at Shore Club

1901 Collins Ave

Miami Beach, FL 33139



By Contributor Writer Brenda Benoit