As Easter Sunday approaches, what better way to celebrate your 40 days of self-denial than covering the Zombie Jamboree at Mai Kai Polynesian Restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale on Monday, April 25 from 5 – 7 p.m. Sponsored by DonQ Rum, Puerto Rico’s best selling rum, the event kicks off Miami’s Rum Renaissance Festival. The night will pay tribute to the legendary Zombie Cocktail, invented in the 1930’s by Don the Beachcomber and aptly titled for its abilities to make drinkers enter a zombielike trance after a few cups.

Rum expert Jeff “Beachbum” Berry will present his seminar on the evolution of the Zombie cocktail, featuring samples of the classic recipes. Then, the best contemporary mixologists, including Esteban Ordoñez, DonQ’s Head of Mixology, will compete in the Zombie Jam to determine the best new Zombie recipe. Esteban will give a seminar on his variation of the Zombie cocktail using tropical ingredients and DonQ Rum.