(Photo Courtesy of Sensory Delights Catering)

Dried djondjon Mushrooms are considered an essential delicacy in exquisite Haitian dishes. They are used especially in djondjon Rice, known in Haiti as “Diri Ak djondjon.” Dried djondjon are tiny Haitian mushrooms used to make Haiti’s favorite rice: djondjon Rice. Know also as “Diri Ak Djondjon” and “Du Riz Avec Djondjon,” Ddjodjon Rice is a side dish specialty from the northern part of Haiti. The dish gets its distinctive color and aroma from the djondjon mushrooms. The mushrooms are soaked in water (boiled at times) then drained. The blackened liquid is used to cook with. Many variations include adding green peas, shrimp or crabs to the dish. These mushrooms are unique and can only be found in some Islands in the Caribbean. The stems of the tiny mushrooms are not edible. Today, there are many other uses for the mushrooms than just rice: sauces, cornmeal, risotto, pasta and much more.


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