The District Miami Restaurant in the Miami Design District is by far one of my favorite restaurant in Miami nowadays. Every time I go there I leave happy which doesn’t happen to me often in Miami. I like this place because it reminds me of how great an American bistro be. When you walk in here, the service is professional, the place is small but the food is grand. The flavors are right on spot. Someone knows what is doing in the kitchen.

tacos at el district restaurant in the design district

steak at el district restaurant in the design district

scallops at el district restaurant in the design district

octopus at el district restaurant in the design district


I have dine at this place several times and of course I take photos of everything. The last time I was there was during happy hour with Mirka. We ordered at the bar several $5 small tapas style plates. Let’s start with the malanga tacos. They are crunchy on the outside and so savory inside! The cole slaw is done with a bit of crunchiness which is the way I like it. I could pop in a thousand of these in a matter of an hour.

The steak and egg was ordered once for brunch by Paul. I am very critical when it comes to skirt steak but I can assure you there is an Argentine cooking this meat at the District Miami because it was cooked the same way my father does it in Argentina. Oh yes, last time i heard the chef here is from Argentina.

The scallops are so succulent and delicious. The sauce which I believe has some cream is very subtle. Now is time for the grilled octopus skewers. I have said this a thousand times on my blog, cooking octopus is not for the novice chef, this one here was perfectly cooked, not too chewy and not to soft, just perfect. The meatballs are some of the best ones I had in Miami. They are juice as you bite in them and salty which is the way I like them.

I hope this restaurants is here to stay. You know how Miami is, next time you drive around the neighborhood your favorite restaurants disappeared without notice but i am crossing my fingers for the District Miami as it is a great local spot if you can splurge a little on a Friday night.

By food blogger, Grace Della