The Office Cake, a local Miami bakery, is changing the way you think of cakes.

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to send a gift? Why not send a cake? The Office Cake is making ordering cakes as easy as a click of the mouse!

Sarah Paz-Claro and husband, Eddy Claro, founded The Office Cake in 2010 with the idea of making ordering a cake simple and quick.

Sarah was born into a bustling cake business, at seventeen she decided to pave her own way and founded an event business with, her now husband, Eddy Claro. After seventeen years, their successful company was also a stressful and weekend-heavy thief of time; time which they preferred to spend with their young son. So they sold it and set their sites on filling a niche in the cake business.

“Our goal was to create a fun and direct-to-consumer business that makes fresh and delicious cakes easily accessible to our customers. We bake every morning and freeze nothing. So when you order from us you will taste the difference of a cake baked just hours ago.” said Sarah Paz-Claro.

The Office Cake delivers the time-tested recipe to recipient’s doors (much like flowers), making it easy to order with a complete e-commerce site. The cake designs are simple, fun and contemporary. There are many cakes to choose from and customers also have the option of customized cakes.

“We get a lot of clients that are looking to send thank you gifts to their best customers or prospective clients. We can customize cakes with a logo or message of choice. This helps them stand out from their competition.” said Sarah Paz-Claro.

Customers can order their cakes online at or by calling (305) 444-3202. The Office Cake offers same day delivery locally and next day shipping nationwide.

Whether you need to send a quick thank you or are having a birthday, office party, or want to say congratulations – let The Office Cake bake you a fresh delicious cake and deliver it right to your door!