It’s now where stars are born; in the digital world. More than 40 of the world’s biggest YouTube and Vine stars will “perform without a net” as they take the stage in Miami for the debut of Project IRL including culinary stars Laura Vitale, SORTEDfood and Yolanda Gamp. The first-ever, weekend-long festival will take place on the water at Bayfront Park in Miami on November 21-22. Featuring musicians and vloggers, gamers and comedians, top chefs, beauty gurus, DIYers and other favorite YouTube personalities, this event gives kids and parents a personalized experience and opportunity to see their favorite digital stars IN REAL LIFE. Massive tents will house multiple outdoor stages, which will include fun and interactive activations, classes, demonstrations and full shows of original content that will be created, produced and performed by YouTube’s top talent, being premiered for the first time ever. The event is expected to attract more than 10,000 attendees a day.