The Cuban sandwich is quite possibly one of Miami’s most beloved sandwiches. Real Cuban sandwich aficionados know there’s a debate about whether or not the sandwiches origins come from Miami or Tampa — but either way, it’s clear that the sandwich was born out of the love of Cuba and it’s famed lechon. A proper Cuban sandwich is made with layers of ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles between a sliced length of Cuban bread. The sandwich is then grilled in a sandwich press (called a plancha) until the insides are warm and the cheese hits a perfect degree of meltiness.

Finding a Cuban sandwich throughout Miami isn’t a tough task as they are sold in every Cuban restaurant, many gas stations, and even on street corners if you’re looking in the right places. Not all Cuban sandwiches are created equally, so we’ve tracked down three of the best Miami has to offer.

Sanguich De Miami

Sanguich De Miami takes sandwich making very seriously, after all — it’s all that’s served at this Little Havana hotspot. Here, everything from the ham to the lechon, pickles, and even mustard is made completely in-house. The Cuban sandwich at Sanguich De Miami is made with pure love and lots of meat.

Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop

Cuban sandwich cravings can only be satisfied until 4pm at this diner-style sandwich shop. But at Enriqueta’s it’s worth the mid-day adventure as it’s one of the most talked about Cuban sandwiches in town. Be bold and order yours “con preparada” meaning with croquetas added inside.

Tinta y Cafe

Stop in for coffee, but don’t forget to order a Cuban sandwich when visiting Tinta y Cafe in Coral Gables. It’s a classic Cuban sandwich made with fresh Cuban bread and just the right amount of pressed and melted cheesy goodness.

Article by Food Writer Amber Love