where to have the best cafesito in Miami

I was looking for a Cuban bakery that I have read about online where they make Tres Leches dessert – this is a true story and a long one (I warned you) – and I could not find it, so I drove around and around (Miami Google Map sometimes is not 100% accurate, at least not this time). At one point I decided to turn around and go back home, but I saw this man parking his car right in front of a Cuban cafeteria and I (not so lady-like) shouted out the window “hi, do you know where Cuatro Leches is? “ He smiled at me and happily replied, “I am the owner”

I parked the car next to his as quickly as I was able to maneuver my chunky monkey SUV (I hope you know what I mean), got out of the car and extended my hand while showing my best smile (hiding the frustration I had for the last 30 minutes) and I said “Hi, I am Gracielita from Miami Culinary Tours and I heard great things about your bakery” He shown a very proud smile, sort of like if he would have been featured on Gourmet mag or something, I am not sure if he thought that Miami Culinary Tours is something of a renowned name or he is just full of himself (who cares).

We walked a few steps to the front of this Cuban cafeteria and he invited me for a cafesito and so we started talking, I mentioned what I do, and he quickly debriefed me about his bakery (which resulted not to be a Cuban bakery, more of a Puerto Rican one).

He was incredibly friendly, proud that I asked so laud through my window where is Cuatro Leches. He asked me “do you want to come over” and I went on following his car to his impossible to find bakery.

cafesito cubano

Okay, I have to get back to this Cuban Cafesito and why I rated this place one of the best places to have a cafesito en Miami. See that foamy (espumita) at the top? That is pure perfection. It was so delicious, perfect balance of a good Italian machine (something like a Ferrari but for coffee making), excellent coffee bean roasting (Bustelo my friend), and just a touch of white sugar (no raw to be found at this type of places), but oh so good.

(sorry not sure what the address was)