Soon we will launch a Cooking and Cocktail Class in Miami

If you like eating and sipping on cocktails why not learn how to do the two. We will be soon offering classes this holiday season to learn how to make cocktails and appetizers. You will be learning how to prepare traditional Floribbean dishes, Cuban cuisine and Latin Fuision appetizers.

The classes will be given three times a week. Each type of cuisine will be it’s own class. Below is a description of each of the classes:

Floribbean class: This cooking class represents Miami and the combination of its many cultures. We will learn hoe to prepare tuna tartare and mango tiradito.

Cuban food cooking class: At this very unique class you will be learning how to prepare tostones rellenos, vaca frita and malanga fritters

Latin Fusion appetizers class: At this fun and entertaining interactive class  you will be learning how to make empanadas by making the different kinds you can find in Miami.

Stay tune for details on dates and times, please check out our cooking classes in Miami