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So … it’s finally here. The new cocktail menu at The Local Craft Food & Drink.
Per usual, no disappointment here.

Created by Michael Albuerne (@_HolySpirits), Barbara Mehnert (@lepetitdinosaur), and Jose Alonso (@muff_diver_), this menu was 100% inspired by hip hop music from the 80’s, 90’s and today. Not so much for the lyrics or beats … but more about what the music made you feel, on a deeper level. Remember that one time when your heart was broken or the first time you slow danced at that middle school party? That’s what the mixologists over at The Local are hoping to get you to feel as you sip on one of their newest creations.

“You’re not gonna be able to forget what you tasted because you felt it, in more ways than one,” says Michael Albuerne of the various cocktails on the new menu.

On the menu there are a total of 9 cocktails to choose from, plus a revolving cocktail on draft.

For someone looking to get their feet wet in the craft cocktail world, The Local team recommends starting off with Hail Mary — inspired by none other than 2Pac — this cocktail features Irishman Whiskey, Highland Park 12, lemon, Smoked Sage Maduro reduction, and Black Walnut bitters. If you’re someone who’s thinking “I don’t know how to feel about scotch, but I want to learn” this is the cocktail to try.

For the craft cocktail connoisseur, When I Drip, You Drip, We Drip was made with you in mind. Featuring Botanist Gin that is slow dripped through sage, lavender, mint and rosemary — this crafty cocktail will leave you wanting more with every herby sip.

The two most popular on the menu currently are:
As Long As I’ve Got Yuzu
Before You Lock My Love Away

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