I decided to pay a visit to Chow Down in Surfside after meeting someone who works for the city on one of those networking meetings at the GMCVB. I have heard before about this restaurant but never had the chance to stop by, and now I cannot be happier because I am here sitting at this place and it is between lunch and dinner time, the perfect time when restaurants have a down time and I got severed right away.

Crispy crab Rangoon with spinach and mascarpone cheese

These are insanely delicious. I mixed several all the sauces that were put on the table, they are all delicious and they range from mild to hot. The server warned me about the spicy hot ones as if they were going to kill, but hey, he doesn’t know I can take the heat, seriously.

They were perfectly cooked, the dough – you can tell is homemade, they tasted as if the chef would have rolled up the dough a few seconds ago.

Lo-mein with onions, rainbow chard, pepper, garlic and Ginger

I am always afraid of lo-mien dishes because I have had so many greasy ones that I usually take a deep breathe before my first bite and ask the higher powers to save me from a bite of mystery. The lo-mein here is fresh, you can taste the quality of the noodles, the light but salty to perfection sauce blends perfectly with the noodles, the chicken is just right and the mushrooms and veggies not over cooked. This is my new addiction.

Shrimp dumpling with fennel, corn and squid ink

Black dumplings? Never saw this before, I mean, I remember my grandmother making black pasta with squid ink but never had these type of dumplings. I can say one things about them and about this place; I am hooked, this is my new obsession. I will drag my husband here ( if you ever read my posts you know that my husband doesn’t really like that much to go out for dinner), but I will drag him here because I know that once he’ll try the food at Chow Down will be two junkies together.

I am sitting right here overlooking the neighborhood, Surfside is such a beautiful and peaceful enclave in Miami. This is the first time I come down here but as the obsessive compulsive personality I have, I know I’ll be coming here a lot, all until I get tired and then move on.

These days I am not drinking which it has really been helping me with focusing to get more things done, yep, not even that one chilled glass of white wine that I so much love… It’s a decision that is not really the theme of this blog. The food here? AMAZING.

Chow Down Grill

9517 Harding Ave

Surfside, FL 33154



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