I am always passing by China Grill in South Beach, the one located on Washington Ave towards the section of what we called among the team at Miami Culinary Tours “south of 5th” which seems to be a completely different world in terms of the people that hang out over that section and the cuisine. I absolutely love Asian inspired food, and I say Asian-inspired because I really think that these type of chain restaurants are very Americanized which is a good thing in a way.

I walked into China Grill in the middle of a sunny, hot Tuesday afternoon and to my delight they were open. The place was completely empty but again, I think it was probably like 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I sat by the window with my IPAD and soon a very well versed waiter came to my table. He was nice, friendly, non-obtrusive and as I was looking over the menu – and I was not able to make a decision (as usual). Every item on the menu was tempting.

Duck Fried Rice

I hate chicken but I like duck, maybe because in my subconscious I think that duck is not mass produced, but I might be wrong and I need to do some research. Anyways, back to the duck fried rice. This dish at $12 was delicious, the rice perfectly cooked, the egg not too overcooked, the duck tender and not overpowering, the scallions not completely raw and the other veggies on the dish completed the great experience.

China Grill (South Beach)

404 Washington Ave

Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 534-2211


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