Miami Street Food; Chicharrones are the Hispanic answer to what Americans like to call pork belly. For one, the temperature in which the oil is should be a specific temperature, to render as much fat from the meat as possible while not making the meat dry and chewy. The crust must be perfectly blistered and crunchy, and last but not least, it must be seasoned right after coming out of the fryer. If not, the seasonings will not stick; leaving you with a dish that can be practically flavorless. As complicated as it sounds, there are abundant places in Miami to get said dish, and although it is indulgent, it is definitely worth the extra mile on the treadmill. Just like any other fried dish, the greasiness can get a bit overbearing. Never fear though, as a squeeze of lime juice saves the day and gives you enough acidity to make your way through your serving.

Where to try them in Miami: Palacio de Los Jugos 5721 W Flagler St Miami, FL 33144. Ne website