Best Miami Brunch

I love brunch. Brunch in Miami is awesome because 1) It’s breakfast food and 2) You don’t have to wake up early to have it. Nothing can make me as happy as having pancakes at one in the afternoon. Brunch sometimes conjures grandmas drinking too many mimosas, or grandfathers choking on poorly masticated sausage links.

5 top places for the best Mojito in Miami Beach

Ah, yes, the mojito. While it can be stereotypical to have a mojito on the beach, it is a must when in Rome. Mojitos are originated in Cuba, and they’re simple to make; a cocktail of white rum, sugar (sugarcane juice, aka guarapo), lime juice, sparkling water, and mint. Although the ingredients aren’t anything fancy, when mixed correctly, the mint and the citrus flavors compliment the rum nicely. You can find mojitos anywhere in Miami, particularly on the beach, where it’s just best to lay back and enjoy the scenery with a drink. Mojito-making has become an art in Miami, and here at MCT, we’ve tracked down the best places to try them.