Catch 10 Seafood is located in a Coral building that if you know the historical value of the Art Deco district, you’ll be shocked when you arrive at this restaurant. This building is royalty – and the restaurant is only one of the very few serving a piece of Key West in South Beach. I say Key West because when you walk into this place, the colors and settings will transport you to that weekend you went to Key West with visitors from out of town (that’s the only time when I go to Key West, the drive is endless and if it wouldn’t be for the Fish Company and key lime pie, I will erase Key West from my memory, last time I drove down there I thought twice to jump out the bridge, Jesus! is so far). Okay back to Catch 10 Seafood.

catch 10 seafood restaurant in miami

Cod Sandwich and Tuna Bite

I have my heart with the chef here because he is from Cuba and I like Cuban people. Maybe it’s because one of my dearest friends is from Cuban parents and because they are such giving people they remind me of my mother’s family. The cod sandwich is delicious here. All of the ingredients are fresh, just as if you would sit outside a seafood place on your way to the Keys (if you know where to go). The bread is spongy yet not soggy, just what you would say it was baked today. The Tuna bite is to die for. First, this bite is very Floribbean which means (at least to me) that it reflects the cultures that make up of Florida. You have the guacamole, the tuna with sesame seeds, the cilantro and the plantain toston at the bottom. That bite has notes of Cuba, Mexico, Asia, and American. Why American? because it is made here.

Catch 10 Seafood

1030 Washington Ave

Miami Beach, FL 33139



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