“People that love to eat are always the best people” ~Julia Child

Then consider me your new favorite person! Hi, I’m Carla, and nothing gets me more excited than breaking bread with others. That’s why I have made my entire life’s career around the food and beverage industry.

I was lucky to be raised in a family that put dining as a priority. I was always expected to be at the dinner table every night as a child (and even as an annoyed teenager preferring to be on the phone or watching television). I found myself at an early age curious about cooking, and adventurous with tasting food from all over the world. I continue to be that person in your life that will always have a plan for the next meal whether fancy, simple, healthy, or gluttonous.

After a very brief stint in retail I started my path in restaurants as a server and a bartender. During this period my interest in entertaining and cooking for friends blossomed, and I decided to go to Culinary School at Johnson and Wales. I spent eleven years in Denver Colorado immersed in the food scene. I was a chef at a country club, a nationally recognized diner, a famous restauranteur’s southwestern restaurant and his French bistro, Whole Foods Market, and two boutique catering companies.

After traveling in Europe for a while, I decided to move to Miami. I have since made it my personal mission to be as knowledgeable, intrigued, and well fed (!) as I was in Denver. I am constantly dining anywhere and everywhere, and picking up new culinary techniques for my family at home along the way. Miami’s food scene is as diverse as it can get, and I savor every bite.

I am thrilled to show you what I am excited about in our foodie neighborhoods, share some cooking tips for you to take home, and have the best time while we feast!