(Photo Credit: @thinkerphoto on IG)

Cafecito Recipe

Serves 4

1 ¼ cups water

1/3 cup Cuban espresso coffee (Café Bustelo or Pilon)

¼ cup sugar 

  • Fill a stove top moka pot with the water and the coffee grounds. The water goes in the bottom and the coffee goes in the middle. Reassemble the moka pot. Begin to brew over medium heat.
  • Place the sugar in a metal pitcher or 2 cup measurer. Add soon as the espresso begins to brew, pour about ½ tablespoon of the coffee over the sugar. Return moka pot to the heat to finish brewing. 
  • Beat the sugar and the little bit of coffee with a small spoon until the mixture turns into a creamy pale beige and most of the sugar is dissolved. 
  • Pour the remaining espresso that has brewed in the pot gently over the creamed sugar. Stir gently. A thin layer of foam should float on top. Then pour into espresso cups.

Recipe Credit: Robyn Webb