The Broken Shaker. Led by master mixologists, this bar features handcrafted cocktails concocted with the use of specialty homemade syrups and infusions from garden herbs, exotic and local ingredients, and fresh produce. Thought is put into every single ingredient that goes into your drink, and although pricey, you will not feel like you are being overcharged as you sip away. Just to get a feel of the bar’s selection, look no further than the Little Miss Sunshine. Made with local Florida Kafir Limes and lemongrass grown right in the bar’s personal herb garden, this drink is then combined with Thai basil essence St. Germain and Wodka Vodka to create a refreshing ode to Miami’s produce and liveliness.

Where to try it: The Broken Shaker. 2727 Indian Creek Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33140. (305) 531-2727