Photo Credit: CHICA & Lauren Gnazzo (Gnazzo Group)

Mark your calendars, because Thursday, September 16 is National Guacamole Day! Not that we need an excuse to whip up and devour our favorite dip, but it’s surely a plus! In anticipation, celebrity Chef Lorena Garcia’s house-made Guacamole recipe – perfect for this annual occasion and beyond – found only at CHICA.


Guacamole Base:                      Toppings:

Garlic                                       8 – Warm Arepas

Kosher Salt                             4 fl oz – Guacamole

Fresh Cilantro                        1 garnish – Micro Cilantro

Jalapeno                                  3 oz – Plantain Chips

Lime Juice                               3 oz – Tortilla Chips

Vegetable oil

Roma Tomatoes, diced

Red Onions, diced

Jalapenos, diced


  1. Combine all base ingredients and puree
  2. Combine all Guacamole ingredients except avocado
  3. Add base puree and combine
  4. Add avocado and toss gently
  5. Place two scoops of guacamole in bowl
  6. Add guacamole, arepas, plantain chips, and tortilla chips to plate
  7. Garnish guacamole with micro cilantro