Bodegas San Dionisio [founded in 1957) is located in the south eastern
Spanish town of Fuentealamo, Albacete (Castilla – La Mancha].

For centuries, from generation to generation, our wine makers have
developed cultivation techniques that have enabled us to take full advanta-
ge of the exceptionally hard conditions of our climate and our soil so that
from a meager production (3000 kilos per hectare} and a slow ripening
process [our most common variety – Monastrell – is harvested at the end
of September and all of October] we are able to produce very complex
wines with a strong personality and a high concentration of aromas and


Appellations of Origin:

D.O. Jumilla

Grapes varieties:

Monastrell, Me riot, Syrah,

Cabernet Sauviqnon, Tempranillo,

Petit Verdot, Macabeo, Airen,

Sauviqnon Blanc

Orqanic wines: Yes

Kosher wines: No