September 11, 2015

Wynwood Diner

wynwood diner

I love this place. I have been thinking about writing about this place for weeks now and I could not stop thinking about the simple phrase that describes my experience here "I love this place" pretty much summarizes what I feel about Wynwood Diner. First, we waited for months for this place to open. Our Wynwood Art & Food Tour walks right in front of this place after leaving Wynwood Kitchen & Bar and you can't really avoid it. it is right on the corner and it looks like an industrial place but once you walk in, you are introduced to what I call the best of American Bistro cuisine.

"Wynwood was missing something, after dining at Wynwood Diner I know this is the place the neighborhood has been craving for"

I love the decor, I love wooden tables and the main large table they put in the back center of the restaurant was a genius idea. I feel welcome. We sat down at the end of the large table and we ordered right away. I am always up for a glass of wine no matter the time of the day ( don't judge ) and the people who I was with were delighted to take in all the atmosphere. Yes, a very different Miami experience and much needed in the neighborhood.

burger at the wynwood diner

The burger came and happiness came along with it. This classic burger is only $8? That is a bargain in Miami - and having in consideration the size and taste, I would say that the Wynwood Diner has a head start in the neighborhood. It is so hard to find reasonable cuisine at fair prices in this city and Wynwood being an edgy place, I would say they could rise up the price of this classic burger and still people will pay for it but that is what makes the Wynwood Diner a place I respect. They won't reap you off. Thank you.

fries at the wynwood diner

Truffled cheese fries with sea salt and mornay sauce. Anyways, a mornay sauce is a Béchamel sauce with shredded or grated Gruyère cheese and Egg Yolk added. At $8 they were very well received at our table.

The service? Impeccable and it was super busy when we went on a Wednesday lunch. The ambiance is my kind of place and the prices are fair.

I will certainly be coming back here.

Wynwood Diner

2601 NW 2nd Avenue

Miami, FL 33127

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