January 14, 2012

What To Do In Miami

When you’re bored at home or visiting our beautiful city, one of the top questions people have is what to do in Miami. It always amazes me that people ask this question, because Miami is one of those cities that is absolutely full of things to do. Whether you’re looking for something to occupy your afternoon or somewhere to go for a hot night out, Miami has it all.

South Beach is epitome of Miami. There are a million things to do, starting with a simple walk down Ocean Drive. You’ll see famous landmarks and dozens of restaurants. If you want something with a guide, you can do a culinary tour of the area that will tell you about those landmarks while offering up the best places to eat. South Beach is really an area that’s best explored on foot, since there are lots of little spots to stop and enjoy. There’s shopping on Lincoln Road, and Espanola Way Village is a must see, bringing quaint Spanish style into a cobble-stoned street full of restaurants.

If you’ve visited all those places and are still googling what to do in Miami, the Bayside Marketplace is an awesome place to check out. There’s shopping and entertainment, along with every tour you can possibly imagine. It’s a great place to start your Miami journey, as you can catch the Hop-On, Hop-Off tour here, or cruise around the bay looking at all the famous mansions. They’ve got tasty little restaurants and some famous clubs nearby as well.

Little Havana is another wonderful place to explore. The domino park is right around the corner from Little Havana’s Walk of the Stars. If you’re lost and have no idea where to go, walking food tours are offered and they’ll show you the landmarks. At the end of the month, there’s street festivals to keep things exciting, with the major one happening in March.

If you’ve got some spare cash to spend in your search for fun, there’s Dolphin Mall in Doral. It’s a bit of a drive but the stores are the sort where everyone finds something to buy. It’s pretty much the largest mall in Dade county, so its worth a visit. There are also famous nightclubs like Mia, Mansion, Club Space, and many others. And lets not forget the beach! Miles and miles of beautiful sand and gorgeous water, along with all the water sports and activities you can imagine. Miami is definitely one of those places that offer something for everyone, and you’ll be hard-pressed not to find something. If these ideas aren’t enough, simply type what to do in Miami into your search box and see your choices unfold.

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