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tuna tartare at the ritz carlton


Every time I go to the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne I feel as if I would be heading to a mini vacation. It amazes me that is only a short drive and the island feels like being in another completely different place than Miami. I love the property and I think this Ritz Carlton has some of the best restaurant in Key Biscayne. Starting with Cioppino and followed by the recently renovated Cantina Beach.

So I told my friend Kim if she wanted to come along on a Thursday night and try the cuisine. I have been at Cioppino with friends and hubby before but going with Kim anywhere is great because as opposed to my husband, Kim will talk to you the entire night, I just listen and eat.

The tuna tartare was exquisite, and if it is pretty displayed as a piece of art it just taste much better for me. I think I am a visual person, in fact I know I am, in high school I couldn't learn anything unless I made pictures out of history classes and such.


There are very few places in Miami that serve pasta the way I like it, and please understand that is not that I have a PHD in pasta making, but for some reason I don't usually find places serving good pasta. Maybe it is because I like pasta to be elastic yet have the right consistency and not overpowering in flavor. Let's put it short, I could have had an entire pot (yeah, the ones mama cooked with) of this ravioli at Cioppino, it was that good.


I think it is superb when the skin of a fish is crispy because I do not like the ones that are not - they feel to real for me. The fennel was tender and at the same time juicy, it almost felt as if they were caramelized (which maybe they were I just don't know anything about cooking processes), and the tomato pesto was delicate yet noticeable enough giving the dish a closure.


I am not a big meat eater but I have heard Cioppino serves some of the best filet mignon in the entire state. This dish delivered my expectations. The rosemary potatoes were soft, flavorful and you would not find a rough spot anywhere, meaning, I hate when mashed potatoes are not mashed all the way - at Cioppino they know their mash potatoes.

Desserts are supreme at Cioppino, starting with the mini-sup chocolate cake which I ate together with the creamy vanilla ice cream. The surprise for me was the key lime pie (the little square one). It was a tiny piece of art, forever memorable. And the fruits were... well we are at the Ritz Carlton and I know they will never serve genetically engineered fruits (and so I hope). Overall, I am coming the Cioppino again on a mini vacation to the island of Key Biscayne.

Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne

455 Grand Bay Dr., Key Biscayne, FL 33149 USA, Phone: (305) 365-450

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