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A special message from Paolo Di Croce, Executive Director of Slow Food International

It seems like the food crisis in Africa is constantly in the news: droughts, floods, famine.

Rather than just delivering food and hoping for change, Slow Food is answering this cry for help with an ambitious project: to create a thousand vegetable gardens in Africa.

I’m asking Slow Food members worldwide to be a part of this landmark project.

We are establishing gardens in schools, villages, and on the outskirts of urban areas in 25 countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Mali, Ethiopia, and Senegal. Each garden is cultivated using sustainable techniques and planted with local varieties, interspersing vegetables with fruit trees and medicinal herbs.

The Thousand Gardens in Africa project also promotes the exchange of seeds between communities. This helps preserve animal and plant diversity, while improving farmers’ autonomy and protecting agricultural traditions.

We’re at a tipping point – and we need your support to plant these gardens.

A donation in any amount now will help:

Guarantee a daily supply of fresh and healthy food for local communities.

Teach farmers and young people about how to sustainably grow local produce, avoid the use of chemicals, and recover traditional knowledge.

Supply materials that are necessary to set up the gardens, including seeds, hoes, rakes, composting boxes, and more.

Encourage knowledge sharing between communities, through visits to other gardens, seed exchanges and the creation of regional networks.

Just as importantly, your support will help re-establish a relationship between young people and agriculture. It is essential that children understand how to cultivate the land, so that future generations can enjoy healthy, fresh food and local economies can flourish.

Slow Food is a movement that transcends national borders. Your donation today will support lasting change in this area of the world that is all too often plagued by food crisis.


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