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black brick midtown miami

Black Brick restaurant in Midtown opened just a few months ago. And of course I gave it a try more than once by now. As I live in the neighborhood is easy at lunch to just get tempted around here and I'm sure everyone on my building is happy to see new restaurant options. Who can take Mercadito and Sugarcane all the time?

Right next to Salumeria, which should be a tough competitor for any restaurant to open right next door. Well, I'm not saying Salumeria is the best Italian restaurant in Miami, I would say is not the best place for much but hey, my Italians know how to cook a pasta dish...

The chef from Black Brick restaurant is not new to the neighborhood, with Sakaya kitchen opened for years now across the street from Salumeria, and having faithful followers, this chef knows the dynamics of Midtown.

Lets get to Black Brick and let me take a breathe. First time; amazing. Second time; great. Third time; the octopus serving changed, the fried rice not the same.

Now I like this chef and I want to like his food even more. I like local chefs who walk around the neighborhood with their families; wife and children, but give me the octopus back please, the same way you did it the first week you opened.

I have been at this restaurant at least 5 times since they opened. The one dish that did not let me down are the fried dumplings. The crunch is worth the visit and having the wine on non-stem glasses (I hate that Black Brick). They are juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. They are a bowl of happiness I hope won't change the next time I sit for lunch by myself and blog about it on my phone.

By Miami Food Blog, Grace Della


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