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Randazzo’s Little Italy is one of the most slept on restaurants on Miracle Mile. Heck, I might even say all of Miami. This Italian soul-food joint offers stick-to-your-ribs Italian fare in an atmosphere reminiscent of a Godfather movie. Checkered red and white tables decorate the whole building, with beautiful marble-esque columns and statues surrounding the entire dining room area. The checkered floor leads to a combination of red, white, and black, hinting at the ganster era type of Italian restaurants you would hope to find in Chicago and New York. It would be easy to dismiss all the décor, Godfather music, and ganster movies as a gimmick, but Randazzo’s delivers what I would consider to be the best American-Italian food in the city. Don’t come here expecting light dishes. Instead, Randazzo’s proudly serves hearty appetizers and entrees that would make any person need a nap after dining.

Randazzo, the owner, is an ex-boxer turned restaurateur. All the dishes on the menu come from his family’s recipes, sticking to the idea that nobody cooks better than an Italian grandmother. He has a passion for the kitchen and makes a mean spaghetti and meatballs. He takes this classic dish and elevates it by offering soft-ball sized meatballs and sausage cooked in a garlic-heavy tomato sauce. By serving this atop perfectly al dente spaghetti he achieves flawless comfort food. The only reason why you wouldn’t finish this dish is from the sheer size of the servings. The meatballs are tender, succulent, and not too dense despite the sauce and the sausage is full of fennel, just like any Italian sausage should be. Biting into one of these sausages leaves a flavor of licorice in your mouth, which pairs well with the heartiness and freshness of the tomato.

The menu at Randazzos is downright hilarious. A mafia-style sass and crass describes the menu items with insults and jokes that make the mood family-like. When you read things like “if you don't know what broccoli rabe is, order something else” as the description for a dish including the item, you’d be remiss not to smile. And this is a perfect symbolism for the type of place Randazzo’s is. They’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or be a kitschy upscale restaurant. They just want to serve you a generous amount of delectable food at a reasonable price, and in this aspect, they more than succeed.

Randazzo's Little Italy

385 Miracle Mile,
Coral Gables, FL 33134

(305) 448-7002

By food blogger, Santiago Cardona

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