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Yisell Bakery Little Havana is a Cuban bakery filled with a myriad of pastries, breads, and cakes. The Little Havana Food Tour would not be complete without a taste of Cuba’s most popular sweet treats. At Yisell Bakery, the tour is presented with the guava pastelito.

Pastelitos are often a snack in Cuban culture. Ideal for between meals, this crispy and flakey pastry is filled with guava paste and shaped into a rectangle. In order to distinguish them from circular beef pastelitos, pentagon cheese pastelitos, and other Cuban pastries, guava pastelitos are always rectangular. The necessity for such uniformity is made clear at Cuban family gatherings that almost always feature a diverse array of pastelito appetizers and snacks.

These pastelitos must be fresh from the oven because the guava filling is warm and gooey. There is a perfect amount of sugar, so it does not overwhelm the taste of the smooth-textured guava.

Similar to a strawberry, guava is a red fruit and very tart. This tropical fruit is very common in Cuban cuisine, mostly for dessert. Masareales are another famous Cuban dessert featuring guava that is sandwiched between two layers or sugary pound cake. These treasures can also be found at Yisell Bakery.

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