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JugoFresh is a Miami based company offering cold pressed juices to customers in an effort to provide the city with nothing but the best ingredients. Everything is made daily in-house, which yields fresh and delicious results. Let’s get this out of the way; yes, it’s pricey, but that price is extremely justified because of their methods. Because they use cold pressing methods, they must use more produce. And the fact that they are committed to being fully sustainable and organic leads to the price increase. Still, I have not met one person that has regretted paying as much as they have for a juice coming from JugoFresh.

The past couple of years have seen very specific fads when it comes to gastronomy. From bacon, to cupcakes, to foie gras, it can be safe to say that sometimes people choose what they eat more because it’s the popular thing to do than because it is what they truly want. Being somewhat akin to a fashion trend, these movements tend to dissipate over time with no one giving them a second thought again.

One of the food movements that are currently taking place throughout the country is that of juicing. Miami is the perfect city to adopt such movement, since its inhabitants are constantly concerned with their appearance and health levels. Juicing provides the body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs through natural processes, using nothing but natural ingredients to provide fuel. There are different methods of making the juices, but it is indisputable that the way that produces a product with most nutrients is that of cold pressing. Through this process, a juice contains more than 5 times as many nutrients as a juice produced in another manner. Jugofresh adopts this method of juicing, which is why their juice is different than anything else in the market.

Although juicing is a current fad overtaking the country, you can tell that JugoFresh is exceptionally passionate about its craft and sees it more as a lifestyle than just something to do because it is popular. They become immersed with their clientele and try to educate them on how they should maintain their diets and make recommendations based on what results people are looking for. This type of service makes for repeat customers, and you can definitely see that it is paying off. Walking into JugoFresh, you are sure to find a line with people eagerly waiting for their drinks. I have sampled a couple of the juices and can say that I have been impressed with every single one. Not only does JugoFresh offer nourishing drinks, but they also make sure that their stuff is mighty tasty.

I know I said that juicing is a craze, but JugoFresh has me hoping that this is something that actually sticks. It’s good for the body, it’s delicious, and it promotes sustainable responsibility. JugoFresh has been expanding throughout the city, and I wish them the best. They have left me awed with their company’s philosophical views, and I hope to continue supporting them for many years to come.


JugoFresh Wynwood Walls

222 nw 26th st. miami, fl 33127

By food blogger, Santiago Cardona

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