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Mexican food might be some of the better choices for brunch, and Rositas is serving food that will satisfy your craving for this type of meal. In my opinion, a good brunch consists of food that ranges in all sorts of flavor profiles and textures, and what you are offered at Rosita’s more than meets these qualifications. Breakfast is served all day ($1 extra after 12 p.m), so you can wake up at any time for Brunch. Let’s not lie to ourselves, most of the time Brunch is after a nice night out, so the fact that you don’t have to wake up at a specific time to get what you are craving is always a plus.

    The outside of the restaurant is covered in murals, and this makes you feel like you are eating somewhere that is an established part of the community. It is not only a restaurant, but a piece of art that should be cherished. The inside is not as beautifully decorated, but this is because they focus on the food. Service can sometimes seem very impersonal, but this does not necessarily mean that they are rude. Instead, they focus on the food and try to execute it the best way possible.

    At Rosita’s, you are served your Mexican basics, but the care that is put into them is what sets this place apart. The eggs are always runny and unctuous, the salsas are not too spicy but flavorful, the tortillas are always warm, and the meats are all seasoned well. You can easily find these foods at most Mexican restaurants, but none are executing them as well as Rosita’s when it comes to brunch. I am partial to the huevos con chorizo, which are perfectly cooked eggs served with a side of griddled mexican sausage. The sausage is spicy but not overpowering, and the fact that it is griddled leaves it with charred bits and adds a great contrast in texture from the soft eggs. This dish is served with rice and beans, and even if the beans are not the best in the city, they provide a good base to combine with the egg and sausage. It is an extremely satisfying bite of food, and eventually serves to soak up the alcohol from last night’s festivities. If the richness from the eggs and sausage gets a bit too much to handle, you can add some acidity to your meal with the homemade salsa, which is chunky and adds heat and flavors to the meal that might fool you into thinking that you are eating a completely different thing than you were before.

    Although I do wish that the service were a bit friendlier, the food here more than makes up for any deficiencies from the servers. Prices are fair and the restaurant succeeds in providing you with an authentic taste of what a Mexican brunch should be. You will be eating like a local, so don’t be surprised when the dining area is suddenly packed with Mexicans eating the same thing as you. This should prove that you picked the right spot for your meal.


Rosita’s Mexican Restaurant

199 W. Palm Drive
Florida City, FL 33034

By Food Blogger, Santiago Cardona

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