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Mussels at Quattro (Italian) restaurant on Lincoln rd, South Beach – nothing out of the ordinary really

I have heard about QUATTRO in several occasions and it was the time to pay tribute to this Italian classic down on Lincoln Rd, South Beach.

I arrived at QUATTRO and walked straight down to the bar section, this is where for some reason I always feel comfortable when I am alone (well, not entirely alone, I have my MAC with me at all times packed with all my virtual friends).

At the bar is where servers, floor managers and hostess hang out and I like to hear what they say behind the scene. It’s like hearing all of the gossip from a dysfunctional family because one thing is apparent about restaurants is that those who work in that environment need to bitch on a regular basis, it’s just the nature of the oficio (can’t remember how to say that word in English)

I sat at the bar and ordered the best glass of champagne on the menu - just to refresh from the three blocks I walked to get down here. I know, I am spoiled.

I was greeted with a friendly smile, this is a good sign around here in SoBe because they usually don’t come that often, she quickly acknowledges my presence, she is professional, knowledgeable of the menu, and I can tell she will put a thought or two to give a recommendation. I asked what dish is her favorite on the menu and she replied “mussels come with a great broth that reminds me of how my mother used to prepare soup in Guatemala, so I said “then that’s exactly what I’m having”

Sure, the mussels were good (nothing great) at QUATTRO and the focaccia that comes with them was nothing out of the ordinary – oh and the broth was flavorful but I don’t think I will be back here to have them again any time soon.

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