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Grace Della, Miami food tour pioneer and founder of Miami Culinary Tours will be speaking at The Food and Travel Expo 2014, held by Taste Trekkers. Grace believes her tours based on food are a different way to become acquainted with Miami, since they allow the people involved to literally take in other cultures and learn about new places through a dining experience. She focus her tours not just on the food though, and dives deeper into the history of the area, the significance the said culture has had to Miami and how different foods have developed throughout time to blend cultures into the hotpot that is the Magic City.

Taste Trekkers is an organization devoted to help people "explore the world one bite at a time." The Expo is a 2 day event with keynote speakers from around the world. It is all about food and features speakers who will talk about their craft and the importance of food when it comes to tourism. By reflecting a region through its food, all these experts hope to draw more tourism to their cities and restaurants. Not only will it expand the city as a whole, but it will help develop the influence of such cuisines in the area's culture.

2014 Food & Travel Expo

October 3-4, 2014
Providence, Rhode Island

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