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The Food Network is a dangerous thing to watch. It will leave you salivating and fantasizing over the scrumptious meals they showcase on their show. You find yourself screaming at the tv “Oh that looks good!” “I want that!” “Where can I get that?” Well lucky for you Food Network’s website has a clever little map that will list the various restaurants they have featured on their show. The Food Network On The Road portion of their site contains a map that includes a restaurant list, the name of the show it was featured on and the specific episode. You can search for places based on city, show or the name of the restaurant. Here is a list of some of the Miami restaurants that have been featured on the network beloved by foodies.

Fratelli La Bufala

My personal favorite restaurant when it comes to pizza this Italian restaurant was featured on the show “Best Thing I Ever Ate”. All of the pizzas here are made Neapolitan style meaning they are smaller, have a thinner crust and big juicy globs of mozzarella are placed over a zesty tomato sauce. Fratelli La Bufala was on the show for their famous calzone. Fratelli La Bufala has become so successful that they have over a 100 locations spanning from Milan Italy to here in Miami. Go try a pizza and get a taste of the dolce vita.


If jalapenos don’t phase you then this may be the place for you. Cvi.Che 105 was featured on “Heat Seekers,” where spice enthusiasts Aaron Sanchez and Roger Mooking tried the ceviche anconcero. This ceviche is a complete mix of octopus, calamari, corvina fish and a run for the water-cooler blend of rocoto and hot chili peppers. Make sure to bring your big boy pants to this restaurant.

Jamaica Kitchen

Guy Fieri raved about this place on his show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” but he isn’t the only famous person to stop by, many of the local Miami Heat players will come in for a quick bite. A family owned joint has been passing down their Chinese-Jamaican recipes for years! For a taste of ancestry perfection try the oxtail stew or if you are adventurous enough the steamed peas with pig’s tail. If you only have a second to drop in then try one of their hot Jamaican patties for a quick treat.

Lario’s On The Beach

Rachael Ray stopped by at this lively Ocean Drive eatery after promising the owner, Gloria Estefan, that she would. On her South Beach episode of “$40 A Day” Rachael enjoys the signature Cubano sandwich. Other great eats at this restaurant include the papa rellena and masitas de puerco. The vibrant decor, lively music and savory food this place will make your blood pump to a latin rhythm.


If you are a rib connoisseur than you’ve probably already been here and if you enjoy ribs than you need to try this place ASAP! Featured on the show “Meat and Potatoes” (my favorite things) Rahm Fama tries Michy’s signature spare ribs that are so tender you can literally see them falling off the bone! Bring on the wet naps and paper towels because there is no need to be shy in the presence of great food.


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