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Thu, Feb 21, 13   12:00 PM jkorte8

We really enjoyed the food tour - Meirca (SP?) is very knowledgeable of the area and has a fun, warm personality. The food stops introduced us to some unique, yummy foods; my taste-buds were quite happy!

Tue, Feb 19, 13   12:00 PM fondabeckham

Its whats needed if your a first time visitor. The variety of foods delicious and the historical background ot the area was great as well. It was well worth the price,and it gave us comfort in touring the area ourselves. Personally I loved it and so did my daughter who set it up for us. I cant wait to come back to do the tour in evening. Also we had the best Tour guide ever she's what level I expect from future guides. Thanks again

Mon, Feb 18, 13   12:00 PM KJ_Family

We enjoyed the afternoon tour a great deal. The food sampling was just enough. The two hours went by very quickly. Our favorite stop was Charlottes bakery. What a gem! All the stops were perfect except for one. I don't see where bubble tea fit in? It was almost like going to a 7 elevin and sampling a slurpee.

Mon, Feb 18, 13   12:00 PM arato6

My husband and I loved this tour. Great info great food and becouse I'm gluten free they asked about my allergy. The guide was just awesome and very friendly. The only thing that we did not care for was the stop of bubble tea. Wich had tapioca bolls. Of course it's preference however about five people we talk too did not like it eather.however some things you might like or not. Luckily Im not a picky eater. My very best was the electric lemonade and the shrimp fritter that was sooo good. I would totally recommend it. And I looked around and got coupon code for $10 off each

Sun, Feb 17, 13   6:00 PM ducklet022

Miami Culinary Tours was a TASTY BLAST! My husband and I took our family on this culinary and Miami educational tour. We learned about Miami's architecture and details about our diversified cultures and fantastic foods to match. The food choices were outstanding and the tour was truly objective in the choices of restaurants. It was all about culinary delights in MIAMI! LOVED IT!

Sun, Feb 17, 13   12:00 PM mmacal

Grace, our guide, led us on an interesting, tasty tour of South Beach. She was knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Sat, Feb 16, 13   12:00 PM Nicolenotz

I would recommend this to everyone!

Sat, Feb 16, 13   12:00 PM monid2

This is a great way to experience South Beach in just a few hours and have a taste of a few restaurants. There is a very diverse culture as well as food. Learned a lot of south beach history and the restaurants of choice were very good. Hope to go back to one of them in the future. Thank you for a good time

Fri, Feb 15, 13   12:00 PM Park1409

Despite the torrential rain, we still enjoyed the tour. Grace did a fantastic job... Thanks! We particularly liked getting the handout list at the end of the tour with the names/addresses of the spots we'd visited.

Fri, Feb 15, 13   12:00 PM dland44192

The food tour was really interesting, we liked that we learned so much about the area, period architecture, as well as the food. And the food was really good. I love finding where the small hole in the wall places are that have excellent food and we did just that. Our tour guide Grace was excellent!

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