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On a quiet Saturday afternoon, we decided to take a drive on Krome Avenue, a road that is chock-full of little food-surprises and unexpected discoveries. We ended our expedition at El Toro Tacos Mexican Restaurant that promises homemade Mexican Food.

We really wanted to eat and after driving around, we chose this place at random. We already had a tamal at a market so we were still in the mood for Mexican fare. A very pleasant atmosphere awaited us as we opened the door at El Toro Tacos.

Tamales de Carne (Beef Tamales)

Tamales are packets of corn dough with a savory or sweet filling and we had 3 homemade shredded beef tamales served enchilada style with a mild ranchero sauce and melted cheese on top. They were rich and very succulent, quite a treat as this is something one cannot eat everyday unless your desire is to blow up like a balloon. It probably has a billion calories per bite. This dish was shared among us so I did not have to eat the whole thing, but no matter what, it still sits heavily in the stomach. Fit to share as I do not think that any one person should eat this on their own.

Tacos de carne with guacamole & refried beans

We love tacos and these soft corn tortillas wrapped around this classic flavor trio was very tasteful. Big chunks of beef topped with white onions and cilantro accompanied by a rich and chunky guacamole and a lake of refried beans. Combine a little of all these ingredients, a little beans, a discreet dollop of guacamole on the taco and take a bite..., ohhh, heavenly.

We did not have any dessert as we were already full of carbohydrates and cheese. Having dessert would have been a sin.

All in all, El Toro Tacos is not a fantastic eatery but it will definitely leave you satisfied, it is a pleasant place to stop by when in downtown Homestead and probably one of the best-looking restaurants in the area.

The City of Homestead is the second oldest city in Miami-Dade county. A place that still maintains a small-town atmosphere and feel. A visit is warranted, especially on foot to encourage discovery. Why not stop at the end of the trek at El Toro Taco to have some refreshments and reliable grub?

El Toro Taco

1 S Krome Ave

Homestead, FL 33030


By Contributor Writer and Photographer Brenda Benoit

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