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After I had a couple of wines at the W Wine Bistro in the Design District, I headed to Sra. Martinez. I have been trying to come to this place for a long time, and although my husband was waiting for me on this particular night I couldn't resist and stopped here, it is just two blocks from the W Wine Bistro. Well, I have been at Sra. Martinez a couple of times but only for drinks, for like a happy hour type of thing so this time was my time to visit. I headed to the counter area (that's where I feel more comfortable when I am alone), sat and started to look around. I love the building in which Sra. Martinez is located, it reminds me of those old houses in the neighborhood I was born. To top that feeling there is that display you see on the photo which to me is so "Spanish" from Spain is what I am trying to say. Fresh tomatoes are in a bowl which I thought it was quite a clever idea, for some reason it instantly open my appetite.

Crispy eggplant with honey and sea salt

I ordered the eggplant because I am a huge fan of them, my mom makes them so well and thought to give it try. If chips are addictive to people, these crispy eggplant are somewhat close to the feeling you get for you favorite snack. They were perfectly fried, not too much oil, not too little, just a perfect quick friend touch. I was not able to taste the honey but remember by the time I got to Sra. Martinez I had already two (maybe three) glasses of wine so take this last comment with a grain of salt.

I moved to the crispy artichokes (Long Stem Chokes, Lemon-Coriander Dipping) and patatas bravas (Potato Skins, Huancaina, Crispy Jamón). Although I have been in Miami for 7 years now and my mother have talked to me about the huancaina sauce for years now, I have never had it before (please don't judge me). What a better introduction to this Peruvian sauce than trying it from Michelle Bernstein kitchen. Below you will see a video with both of these dishes which were delicious, it makes me think that this type of food is contemporary comfort food and the latter is so true. Sra. Martinez is in my radar from now, I am sure I'll be stopping bye soon to try other dishes, which actually my mission is to try before the end of 2010 all the dishes from Michy's and Sra. Martinez to pay tribute to one of my favorite chefs in this city.

Sra. Martinez

4000 NE 2nd Ave

Miami, FL 33137

Design District

(305) 573-5474

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