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When my sister came to town from Italy last year, I realized that I had to show her around Miami, and specifically, typical food that we eat here. She’s never been to the States, let alone a place like Miami, which is predominantly influenced by the Latin culture. So, I created a list of must-try foods for anyone visiting Miami.

#1 Cuban Ham Croquetas at Casa Larios

Croquetas de Jamon from Casa Larios Restaurant in Miami are incomparable. Croquetas, or a croquette, is a small, breaded, and fried roll in the shape of a cylinder. Normally, the type of croquetas offered at any ventanita at your local bakery are usually ham, chicken, or cheese. My preference has always been ham, but you can venture out and even find some salmon or cheese croquetas too. They are usually less than $1(that is if you are not in South Beach), and served with saltine crackers. Perfect for a small snack when you get the cravings.

5859 SW 73rd St. Miami, FL 33143


#2  Peruvian Ceviche at SuViche

Peruvian restaurants in Miami has increased in the past couple of years. So what better dish to try during this burgeoning scene than a traditional ceviche? SuViche is a Peruvian/ Japanese fusion restaurant, but they do offer classics, such as the ceviche. Anyone visiting Miami should try some kind of seafood, as most places offer freshness thanks to the accessibility of the ocean, but I definitely suggest ceviche, as it’s staple here for dinning. At SuViche, you can try the “ Natural” which is Suviche’s signature Peruvian sauce ceviche.

49 SW 11 St. Miami, FL 33130


#3 Cuban Cafecito at Versailles

So you went to LIV the night before and now you’re trying to wake yourself up to go to South Pointe beach, but you just can’t seem to muster the energy? Try a cafecito at Versailles Restaurant. There, you can order outside at the little window for a cafecito, or cuban espresso, meanwhile you shield your hungover eyes from the blinding sun. For more info on what a cafecito is, read more about Cuban Coffee

3555 SW 8th St. Miami, FL 33135


# 4 Nicaraguan Gallo Pinto at Pinolandia

Amongst the many Latin countries that have invaded Miami, Nicaragua has a noticeable amount of restaurants (fritangas, as they’re known) sprinkled about. Particularly, Pinolandia in Little Havana has the best Nica food around. If you’ve never tried Nicaraguan food, I definitely suggest their gallo pinto. It’s red kidney beans mixed with rice, but there’s much more to it than that.

119 NW 12th Ave. Miami, FL 33128


#5 Colombian Perro at Los Verdes

The night has come to an end (or rather, the day is beginning) and you’ve got the hangover munchies. What to eat at this time? Let me introduce you to the world of Colombian fast food, particularly, their hot dogs. Their hot dogs laugh at American hot dogs. I’m sure their unofficial slogan for their hot dogs are, “go big, or go home.” Anyway, this Perro (translates to “dog”) is a fried beef hot dog, topped with bacon, mozzarella, crushed potato chips, pineapple sauce (yes, amazing, don’t doubt me) garlic sauce, and a pink sauce, which is a mix of mayo and ketchup. Just make sure to order ahead because the wait time is a bit too much for the inebriated.

2426 SW 137th Ave. Miami, FL 33175

By Caroline Shalabi

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